About Brookgate

We hold true to our values of integrity, openness, commitment, delivery and performance.

We are a property development and investment company based in Cambridge and specialise in high-quality mixed-use schemes. Our mission is to deliver high-quality, modern and sustainable developments that demonstrate social and environmental responsibility.

Our objective is to work with a small number of key partners to make a positive contribution to the business and social environments in which we operate.

Our priority is to deliver value to all stakeholders - ensuring maximum long-term benefit to our shareholders and partners.

Our vision is to be the partner of choice for the promotion, development and investment of mixed-use regeneration and development schemes in London and the South East Region.

We focus on our team’s expertise in mixed-use urban regeneration projects, rail and infrastructure projects, office development, student accommodation, residential property investment and retail development.

Find out more about our work www.brookgate.eu