Public art

The vision for CB1’s public art programme is for art to be seen as an integral element of the new city quarter - acknowledging the cultural heritage of Cambridge.

The six exciting displays by different artists are based in the Station Road area and are part of an initiative to put high quality art in the public realm to be enjoyed by new and existing residents, visitors and local workers.

The programme provides a significant cultural contribution to Cambridge and the region and has set a national precedent for developer-led programmes of art in the public realm.

Commissions Projects

The programme is led by Commissions Projects, one of the UK’s leading public art agencies. Commissions Projects brings artists and commissioners together changing how and where art can be experienced, and capturing its potential to invigorate the public realm.

Public art

Letter carving

By Tom Perkins


Jim Partridge and Liz Walmsley
The park which commemorates Ridgeons centenary in 2011 is close to the site of their original office. It includes a carved roundel and a quotation by the founder Cyril Ridgeon and a sculptural oak seat.

Continental Drift

By Troika
Located in the public walkway leading to the new cycle park next to Cambridge station, ‘Continental Drift’ consist of a two-dimensional world map that is projected onto the ceiling by a faceted rotating globe. The projected image shows a world that continuously shifts, stretches and rearranges itself; a map in which landmass is not static nor organised in an established cartographic format. Contrary to a conventional world-map, the continents here drift in and out of the centre, in and out of focus, each instance presenting just another, yet equally true, version of the world.
(Top right)


By Dryden Goodwin
Wander is a series of 100 etched portraits of people encountered by the artist as he travelled around the city. Embedded into the paving on both sides of the road, people are encouraged to discover the work and the site.
(Middle right)

Reflective Editor

By Doug Alsop
Reflective Editor is a geometrical work designed as a series that form a gateway to Station Square. The sculpture’s highly polished surface reflects both the architecture and movement that surrounds it.
(Bottom right)

Ceres bronze

By William Bloye
Restored bronze overlooking Mill Park


By Jem Finer
A functioning hydraulic computer inspired by Cambridge mathematician James Conway.
(Bottom left)

Translucent Drawing

By Antoni Malinowski
Translucent Drawing comprises of 2,500 glass elements embedded into the façade of the building which respond to changing light conditions creating a dialogue between architecture and the environment.


By Gavin Turk
To be revealed when the project is realised. In front of the station in Station Square.

Continental Drift Wander Reflective Editor